Ricardo Giucci

Dr Ricardo Giucci is head of the German Economic Team, a project financed by the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Action. He provides economic policy consulting in the fields of macroeconomics, international trade, and regional integration to high-level policy makers in several countries. He started work in Kosovo in September 2021, but profits from his long-lasting experience in other countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Uzbekistan. 

Björn Vogler

Bjoern Vogler has 25 years of international experience as a consultant and trainer in EU, transition, and developing countries. He has carried out more than 200 short-term and long-term assignments in the area of investment, industrial, and innovation policy. Amongst others, he has assisted several investment promotion agencies in Central and Southeast Europe in defining target groups and designing outreach and aftercare programs. Since September 2021 he is advising the Government of Kosovo in the field of FDI attraction. 

Rouven Stubbe

Rouven Stubbe is a consultant of the German Economic Team for energy policy. He is a well-established energy expert in Kosovo advising the Kosovar Ministry of Economy in the process of drafting the National Energy and Climate Plan. Furthermore, he has worked on a broad range of energy and climate policy issues in Ukraine and Georgia.

Bardh Lohaj

Bardh Lohaj grew up in Kosova, studied Computer Science in Prishtina and then moved to Munich to pursue master’s studies. Bardh is now driving innovation and technology at Celonis, building a world-class organization of engineering experts for the EMS User Platform. In 2018 he established Celonis Prishtina which he now oversees alongside other strategic investments in the region.

Visar Ramajli

Visar Ramajli is the owner of KIVO LLC. Mr. Ramajli is a serial entrepreneur, IT engineer, manufacturer, and a true believer in corporate social responsibility. He specializes in Microsoft Systems and Security, being the first MS Certified Systems engineer/trainer in Kosovo and certified in Engineering Management by Vienna Technical University. He is the co-founder of the most renowned tech, as well as marketing and public relations companies in the country. In addition, he runs a large-scale plastic packaging manufacturing plant in Kosovo.

Ilir Grapci

Ilir Grapci is a managing partner at SOWI Kosovo. Mr. Grapci studied Business Management specializing in Marketing Management and Strategy at the University of Westminster. Mr. Grapci is the Co-Founder /Member of the Executive Board of Domi Trading. Also, EO/Strategic Planner at Paper Communications. Mr. Grapci has strong skills in organizing workflow, ideas, materials, and people.